Specialists in airtightness
and insulation

Belfast Insulation have been working in the construction industry for over 25 years. Not only do they supply and fit insulation to domestic and commercial properties across Northern Ireland, but they also supplied all the insulation and air tightness measures for Fraser Millar’s Lancaster Park Passive House development.

“The Lancaster Park development is very high spec,” said Ryan Gilpin of Belfast Insulation, “with the studs 180mm in depth, we used a bead insulation to ensure a very low u-value. We also carry out and install airtightness membrane, taping and jointing all the properties to ensure that no heat escapes.

“This is very specialised work and essential for Passive Houses and we are the only company in Northern Ireland carrying out this work at present.”

Airtightness is about eliminating all unintended gaps and cracks, holes, splits and tears where air can move into and out of the space (heated or cooled space) of the building.

Such gaps, cracks etc can account for up to 50pc of all heat losses through the


external envelope of a building. It is important to remember that an airtight building does not mean it is hermetically sealed, rather it means that unintended air leakage has been reduced to a minimum.

A Passive House's airtightness must be demonstrated with a pressure test where the allowable air change cannot exceed 0.6 times a room's volume per hour and the pressure differential is limited to 50 Pascals.


Belfast Insulation are specialists in their field and offer a complete service of insulation both in cavity walls and in lofts and also offer a defective insulation extraction service. This is another fast growing part of their business across Northern Ireland. The old types of foam and mineral wool insulation break down and subside over years; this will cause cold spots, condensation on internal walls, black marks and mould growth. By extracting and re-pumping with high grade bonded bead, these problems will not only be fixed but could help in dramatically reducing homeowners heating bills.

Belfast Insulation operate right across Northern Ireland and are currently working on the new Dunluce Hotel in Portrush. Previous projects include Avoniel and Newry Leisure Centres, while the Northern Ireland Housing Executive regularly use their services.

Whether it is a standard or traditional build, a new development of a Passive House, Belfast Insulation has the expertise and the experience to handle it.